Tired of the UV damage?

Are you so, so, so over hyperpigmentation & melasma? Worried that more sun exposure will increase the UV damage to your skin?

Your esthetician & self-care bon vivant says: Time to swing by for a Celluma LED light therapy treatment!

This study WOW’d me. Not only do LED treatments help resolve hyperpigmentation issues but they support your skin’s resiliency against future UV exposure.

(If you’d like the full study, LMK. It’s in a PDF format and I’m unable to upload it)

Why You Should Do This Now:

Activating the fibroblasts is the only way to boost collagen (and presumably elastin) production in the skin. Traditionally, we use topicals, peels and lasers to clear up damaged collagen and stimulate the production of more regular, new collagen. Light emiting diodes (LEDs) trigger photomodulation, a non-thermal, non-ablative cellular stimulation. The application of LED triggers a photobiochemical response, activating fibroblasts deep in the dermal and subcutaneous layer to promote healing and repair in these layers. LED photomodulation can also suppress collagenase, a collagen-degrading enzyme that can accelerate our skin’s aging process. In addition, LED can also stimulate the energy-producing mitochondria to enhance wound healing and decrease the inflammatory response.*

How ya do it:

Just hop over to the booking page via this link. Select the LED treatment. All you need is to show up with a clean face & 30minutes of time. (We can also cleanse your skin here; just arrive a smidge early). There is ZERO downtime after your treatment. And, actually, your skin will glow like you’ve finished a brisk walk (I like to do LED before any event when I expect loads of pictures).

Check out Celluma LED Light Therapy’s major awards:

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