Only the very best for your skin!

Hey look, life is crazy. So at the studio, I make sure we decompress, breathe deeply and do our laughing yoga. At the same time, I am ridiculously oh-so serious about your skin’s care, well-made products & the specificity of ingredient decks.

I typically do years of research before adding a single product or modality. Mostly because I only want the best for all of us, our skin, this earth. I’m in this for the long haul.

An upside is that often the treatments and products I love are very well recognized by my peers, a damn tough jury!

I’m excited to let you know that the Celluma LED Light Treatment has won again. As has Rezenerate Nanofacial! So has the CBD-infused line I work with, Color Up Therapeutics. And, Hale & Hush, (the makers of fab new SPF many of you are now using).

Below are some of the awards that I know about. I want you to use the best and also feel great putting it on your skin.

If you aren’t using these services and products, come get with me! Sooooo easy to book a Fab Facial or LED Treatment. Then we can talk about your skin’s issues along with your skincare goals, budgets and timing.

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(footie & fist bumps because hands can be germy y’all)