sugared up, now what? (post-sugaring tips)

You’ve got your smooth, kissable skin … how best to take care of that freshly-sugared gorgeousness?

First, a word about professional body sugaring: ya gotta commit to doing it consistently. For most of us, that means every 4-5 weeks. There are a few lucky guys and gals who just don’t grow much body hair; so they may only need to come in at 6-8 weeks.

Consistent, regular sugaring allows the skin’s natural response system to grow accustomed to the process and prevents it from reacting with inflammation and histamine response.

These tips are primarily for clients and readers who are just beginning to sugar or have yet to commit to doing it consistently. Or, If you “wintered” your bikini, let 3 months slip by since your last sugar, etc. read on!

Immediately following your sugar:

  • Take it easy for 24 hours … NO exercise, no hot tub, no sand or surf, no sex, no working out. Consider this your pass to wear comfy, loose clothing and spend the evening lounging with a good glass of wine and great book.
  • Apply as much of the Soothing Oil (that I custom-blend for post-sugaring use) as you would like.  You might also use other products that you know soothe and calm your skin.  Avoid perfumes, sparkle and anything exfoliating.

The keys to successful hair removal are consistency, exfoliation & hydration. Improving the condition of your skin will absolutely improve the results of hair removal. And, never ever never pick, poke or prod your skin.

Two days after your sugar (and onward):

  • Gentle, consistent exfoliation is one of the best things you can do for your skin and this applies to your bikini zone, too. I prefer chemical and enzymatic exfoliation for this region. Physical exfoliation works too but use caution: loofahs and some scrubs can irritate and leave very small tears and scrapes on delicate skin.
  • I typically stock terrific salicylic acid-based pads & serums that works fabulously. I recommend that you apply it once per day, 3-4 times per week. If you are especially prone to bumps and your skin digs the product, increase usage to 2 times per day.
  • Spot treat bumps or red, sensitive areas with your cold roller, a cool item, and/or a gentle clay mask. Ice treatment helps to decrease inflammation & erythema. I love good clay masks and always keep one on-hand.  So, apply a very small amount directly and only to the bumps; leave the mask on a about 10 minutes.
  • Give your skin some hydration! I see a lot of dry bums throughout my day … don’t skimp on moisture for this region. I can blend a custom oil for your skin that is hydrating & nourishing (or, recommend which oils to purchase for use at home).
  • Feed your skin, too. Ensuring that you get Vitamins A, C, D & E as well as minerals and Essential Fatty Acids supports your skin’s immune system and allows it to do its job most effectively.
  • Manage your stress … Yeah, yeah, I know. But seriously, the skin has a unique ability of exhibiting your internal stress. Want your skin to feel less itchy? Look into deep breathing, meditation, long walks, healing massage and facials to bring a little serenity to your day.
  • Drink water!

Reiteration of the important stuff:

THE DOs: Directly following the sugar session, please be gentle with your skin and apply soothing products designed for sensitive skin. In between sessions, keep in-growns to a minimum with consistent, gentle exfoliation 3-4 times per week. For best results, do not shave or use depilatories between appointments. And, always apply an effective SPF to sugared areas that are exposed to the sun’s loving rays.

THE DON’Ts: Your skin will have open follicles that are susceptible to irritation. To prevent redness, in-grown hairs and other adverse reactions avoid the following for 24 hours:  touching your freshly sugared skin, wet suits, sand, hot tubs, working out, spinning, extreme hot/cold, sweat, heat, abrasions, sun exposure

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