I am always on the hunt for the very best in professional skincare products that work to nourish, treat, hydrate, repair & product your skin. I dig small-batch, esthetician-created products that give your skin’s barrier the ultimate supports without all the crud of harsh preservatives, colorant fillers, perfumes and other unnecessary ingredients.

Due to shelter-in-place directives, these companies have changed their business models to get skin-saving products in the hands of you, my clients. Below are the brands I work with and a bit about them.

The best way to purchase products is to schedule a Virtual Consultation. I’ll know more about your skin, skincare goals, and other important factors. From our chat, I’ll whip together a list of products. They may all be from one brand or a mix of these stellar brands. I’ll create a single invoice for ya and the products will arrive from each company (thru May; after May, we’ll see where we are in this adventure).

To make it super duper easy, I‘ve put together some featured packages on a separate page —> get over there!

This is my award-winning sugar company and they are THE BEST! Tamara also makes some good bump-preventers & skin smoothers. I *think* they are drop-shipping … stay tuned!

TiZo is the award-winning SPF made with only physical blockers. Their TiZo3 is tinted & gorgeous; most of us wear it as our daytime base. Plus, they are drop-shipping direct to you thru May, but ya gotta order thru me 🙂