Products for At-Home Care

Gang! Awesome news: if you are stuck at home and lacking in some skincare necessities, I got you!

My partner in CBD-infused holistic skincare has engineered a safe, social-distancing way to package & drop-ship direct to you.

This team is one of the finest group of skin, body & mind professionals I’ve worked with and their products are superb.

The shipping is FREE & now —-> 20% OFF

Here’s the easy peasy 1-2-3 go!

To help you out, I’ve created quick links for my faves and put together some packages that you can indulge in with a single click.

Pre-packaged Kits:

More Info:

Because my system is a little wonky, you’ll place your order as an appointment. Just select the first available; no big deal (only uses about 5 minutes of time on my schedule). (Yep, I’m using this time to look at better systems. Thanks for your patience on this!)

You can always email me with questions. We can talk about your skincare goals, current issues and existing products.

I can even make the purchase for you and send you an invoice. I’ve got time!

The free drop-ship and 20% off is currently available for Color Up Therapeutics ONLY. I’m in talks with other vendors; hopefully will have Hale & Hush onboard soon! As always, stay tuned & stay vibrant!

A few links to posts about CBD in your life & products: (more to come!)

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