Happy New Year, everyone!

I am sending you every best wish for a superb year of glowing skin, fab facials and great times with those you love.

My little skincare studio at SalonRepublic –> be well {groomed!} <– has yet to reopen. This virus is taking a hellacious toll on LA County. By choosing to be home when you can, be smart, physically distance, wear a mask and wash your hands, you are doing the very most you can do to help our frontline workers.

Please take fabulous care of you because I am gearing up to take fabulous care of your skin in this bright, sparkly New Year!

I’m working on 21 Esthetician’s Best Tips to kick-off the NY so stay tuned (you can sign up for updates from my blog by adding your email).

And, as I finalize my list, I want to hear from you about what matters most, your biggest questions and your concerns. Email me, anytime –> kenya@kenyabonvivant.com

Fo’sho we’ll talk about getting down to the basics of skincare, melasma, SPF, diminishing fine lines, my favorite & most effective skincare treatments and more!

Also, I’m updating my digital storefront (again, I know … but technology y’all). Meanwhile, you can always email me when ya need something. Easy peasy.

Check out my product partner Osmosis MD’s latest award! You can read more about them {here}.

Thank you for entrusting me with the care of your one & only skin. Can’t wait to see you at the studio (soon, hope hope)!