Skin Cancer & Melanoma Awareness

Wanna hear a secret?

I used to detest putting on SPF. DETEST. Many of them stung my skin. Some smelled. Most were sticky and lots left me red and oily.

Apparently I wasn’t the only one because SPFs are so much better now. And good thing because May is Skin Cancer Awareness and Melanoma month.

And, my two very fave SPFs have worked it out so that they can safely drop-ship directly to your home! Yep, the TiZos (including tinted TiZo3) and Hale & Hush want to keep you stocked with protection this summer!

I will also recommend H&H’s Brilliant Eye & Lip Serum; it is literally my favorite thing. Aka Unicorn Tears, this treat is made almost entirely of liquid crystals, which are an essential component of cell membranes. Topical liquid crystal helps fortify, protect and condition the structure of delicate skin.

How is your SPF supply? Have your tubes been open for a year or a year +? Time to restock!

Any other skincare questions?  Wondering if your product is still good for your current skin’s health?  Need to investigate a new serum?  

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