so grateful

yesterday i published a post about anticipating a 5/16/20 re-opening. slow & gradual, based on California leadership’s plan and limited in scope with new procedures.

last night, it was announced that we had our highest death rate for a day.

whew. do those two events seem diametrically opposed!

as of yesterday, we lost 1,594 beings to COVID-19 in California. i feel so badly for the families. and for the medical teams that worked hard to heal them. i am holding these folks in my heart. that is more people than live in my hometown.

so as i sit here on a Friday night, without income but with my health, no fancy meals but enough food, i wanna say THANK YOU to everyone who has stayed home and helped flatten the curve. keep it going.

i’m especially thankful to everyone on every frontline: medical, grocery, law enforcement, pet store, EMS, leadership … so many that i don’t even know to thank.

i’ve been trying to stay positive and be positive for my clients. and, i want to show my gratitude. all this hardass work and maximum sacrifice do not go unnoticed or unappreciated.

keep being awesome, to yourself and others. look out for each other and hug on your quaranbuddy!