Sorella Apothecary

I love Sorella Apothecary; it is seriously beautiful! And, it is a botanically based, professional skin care line that balances the best of both science and nature. The team at Sorella combines natural, old-world philosophies and a dose of modern day science to create products that will bring balance back to the skin while also building it up and providing nourishment.

Sorella believes in real results: And they believe you can achieve results without compromising your skin’s integrity.

I love everything about Sorella: their pure ingredients, the natural aromas, the efficacy of the professional products and their extensive at-home masks. Who doesn’t love to mask-at-home!

Their line is extensive and I’ll update links to my faves here. To make it easy for you to get started, I’ve put together a skin brightening package for May:

Package 1: Sorella’s Bright & Hydrate Bundle

  • Aloe Cucumber Eye Gel $60: soothing cucumber & aloe to calm, de-puff & brighten (Too many quarantinis? This will help!)
  • Lemon Lightening Serum $64: natural lighteners brighten & prevent future discoloration.
  • Quench & Protect Hydrating SPF $44: pure, physical sun protection that also repairs the skin. Perfect makeup base!
  • $168 {click here to get these goodies in your hot, little hands!}
  • Free drop-shipping on this beauty bundle thru May

4 AWESOME Minis with 4 AWESOME products in the perfect travel bag. Pick the right one for your skin … and treat a friend! The travel bag will hold the full sizes for your regimen (all Sorella products are TSA friendly). Each kit is $88 for all 4 products to introduce you to the products, work as your go-bag, and kick-start a new regimen.

To order, click on the link below. Or, email me to discuss which is right for you. They will ship Wednesday 5/27. Can’t wait to get these into your hands!

Healthy Aging: Best for giving your skin deep hydration and healthy aging. Delish oil-based cleanser, my fave lycopene-rich spritz, glow tonic-infused serum & intense, skin relaxing hydration.

  • Apricot Mango Cleansing Milk – 2oz.
  • Watermelon Mist – 1oz.
  • Hydrating Serum – .25oz.
  • The Balm – .5oz.

Brightening Kit: Take care of your skin even on the go. Best for reducing dark spots and pigmentation. Includes the oil-based cleanser, a gentle scrub, brightening serum & peptide-infused hydration.

  • Apricot Mango Cleansing Milk – 2 oz.
  • Mint Poppyseed Polish – 0.5 oz.
  • Lemon Lightening Serum – 0.25 oz.
  • Blueberry Milk Moisturizer – 0.5 oz.

Maintenance Kit: Best for normal or combination skin types and overall healthy skin. Keep your skin balanced when you’re on the go with honey & turmeric infused cleanser, my fave refresher watermelon hydration, power skin protectant & nourishing hydration that leaves you glowing.

  • Orange You Jelly Cleanser – 2 oz.
  • Watermelon Mint Hydrating Mist – 1 oz.
  • Pomegranate Acai Antioxidant Serum – 0.25 oz.
  • Blueberry Milk Moisturizer – 0.5 oz.

Clear Skin: Best for oily skin, blemishes and acne. Clear & balance your skin with honey & turmeric infused cleanser, exfoliating & refreshing toner, azelaic acid-infused brightening serum & superfood moisture + make-up primer.

  • Orange Ya Jelly Cleanser – 2oz.
  • Spiced Wine Toner – 1oz.
  • Facial in a Bottle – .25oz
  • Daily Greens – .5oz

Facial-at-Home for Dry Skin with Full-Sized Products

If you’re skin is feeling dry or dehydrate and ready for a boost, I got you! This at-home facial with full-sized products takes you through your weekend treatment and you’ll have the products to keep glowing. Carve out a little time just for you; slice a few cucumbers & lemon for your water and let’s treat your skin!

  • Apricot Mango Cleansing Milk $40: oil-based makeup melter rinses clean while revitalizing texture of skin. Keeps sensitive skin calm & hydrated. Apply a small amount with dry hands on dry skin & massage for one minute.
  • Blackberry Lime Fruitfoliant $60: gentle exfoliation for dryer skin, dissolves dead skin cells that dull complexion & reduces appearance of visible signs of aging. May tingle with first use but gentle enough to use weekly.
  • Watermelon Hydrating Mist $42: spritz this toner to rebalance pH, quench & tone skin AND set makeup. Infused with Glow Tonic, Sorella’s signature blend of nourishing ingredients & antioxidants to fight free radicals & brighten skin. (My Hub loves this toner … almost too much!)
  • Facial Nectar $54: Nutrient rich oil that deeply nourishes & restores hydration. Apply 2-3 drops to face, neck & chest and gently massage upward & with circular motions. (Ask your esthetician for specific massage techniques!)
  • Peach & Honey Mask $56: Apply a thin layer to face & neck, then relax for 20 minutes. Sip an herbal tea or practice your breathing with Legs up the Wall. Rinse gently with a warm cloth.
  • Main Squeeze Hydrating Serum $72: Apply 3-4 drops to upper chest, neck & face, then gently lift & tone with upward massage movements. Soon to be your favorite serum, it heals while it plumps & hydrates, leaving your skin smooth & silky.
  • Yogurt Kale Eye Concentrate $66: This super food infused hydrator can be used morning and evening or as a mask before a big event. Massage a pea-sized amount on upper & lower lids.
  • The Balm $90: Warm a dime-sized amount in your fingertips then apply this intensely hydrating & luxurious balm on chest, neck & face in upward, lifting motions.
  • Avocado Oil Lip Hydrator $20: Packed with nourishment pluse Maxilip & hyaluronic filling spheres, this is your everything-you-need treatment for your lips (now in 3 colors, too!!)
  • Quench SPF $44: Hydrating physical blocker also repairs as it protects. Press into the skin daily & reapply every 2 hours when exposed to sun.
  • Total Package $544 –> buy as a set for 10% off ($489) or buy items separately as needed for your skincare regimen.

To purchase these or any of the skin rejuvenating, nourishing & healing products I offer, feel free to email me at kenya@kenyabonvivant. Or, click on the available links to easily purchase any product or package. {click here for the full list of products … and then email me to discuss what’s right for you & your skincare goals!}