sugar improves the ‘pits!


Are you tired of *fixing* the damage shaving does to your skin? Or, waiting for your skin to heal after waxing?

I have the solution for you: professional body sugaring!

Sugaring is progressive, meaning that overtime, fewer unwanted hairs grow back. And the hair that does grow back is finer and softer.

Only dead surface skin is physically exfoliated while sugaring. You’ll ever feel the raw, shiny or tell-tale stinging of micro-cut or lifted skin as you do when shaving or waxing. (Plus, getting rid of that dead surface skin clears the follicular opening while also leaving your skin silky smooth!).

We can remove shorter hairs with sugaring AND there is far less breakage than with waxing.

It’s just sugar, water and lemon so clean up is a breeze!

From your ‘brows to your toes and all the nooks and crannies in between, professional body sugaring is the perfect way to rid your body of unwanted hairs {read more via this link}.

There are a few contraindications including use of Acutaine, areas exposed to RetinA, deep sunburns, areas with skin abrasions and possibly other issues specific to your skin’s health. I’m happy to chat with you anytime.

Sugar, don’t shave … start today: {book your appointment}

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