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You’ve done it! You’ve decided to remove some pesky, unwanted hairs via professional body sugaring … maybe for the first time or perhaps the first time in a very long while. Here are a few pointers to get you ready and to ensure that you have the superb experience your skin deserves.

If you’ve been consistent about depleting hair by the root, buy yourself a congratulatory glass of champagne ? for good behavior and know that some of these tips may not apply to you, even if you’ve not sugared before (and have only waxed or used an Epilady).

The keys to successful hair removal are consistency, exfoliation & hydration. Improving the condition of your skin will absolutely improve the results of hair removal.

1. Schedule your sugar appointment for a time that is convenient for you, when you can relax a bit before and after.

2. Three days prior (but not the day of your appointment), gently exfoliate the to-be-sugared region. Physical exfoliation via sugar scrubs and nylon loofahs works, but I prefer salicylic acid (I have a fabulous one!). If there is a chance you’re pregnant, don’t use salicylic and stick with a mild scrub. (And yes, you can absolutely sugar while pregnant … right up to the *big day*! Feel free to confirm with your Doctor).

3. If you’ve been shaving, you will need at least two weeks growth (yes, you can sugar earlier than with traditional wax). And, unfortunately, the first time after shaving is the least fun. You’ll most likely be a bit stubbly following the sugaring and the hair will seem to return more quickly. It takes just three consistent sugar experiences to overcome the coarse hair and follicle damage of shaving.

4. On the day of your professional body sugaring, get excited; you’re about to start a very hair-free part of your life! Either wear or throw into your bag some loose, comfy pants or a skirt. Make sure your skivvies aren’t too tight or made of scratchy fabric. You might consider taking an anti-histamine (similar to Benedryl) that works for you. Also, limit caffiene and alcohol consumption; you don’t need the additional stimulation or vasodilation for this event!

5. Mindful Magic: before you walk into Studio 41, remind yourself that this is going to be quick, you’re going to love the results. Take a deep breath and set your sights on an easy, breezy event (it will be so!).

6. Prior to sugaring or immediately following your session, purchase some soothing, feel good body products. Select products that are FREE of perfumes, tints, sparkles and active ingredients.  You want to calm, soothe, hydrate & protect the skin. I can custom-blend a soothing, natural serum for you, too.

That’s pretty much it! Email or call with any additional questions or concerns … and, know this: I will take very good care of your skin and you will love the results!

While professional body sugaring provides superb results on all genders as well as all skin & hair types, there are a few situations when sugaring cannot be done:

  • Accutane: complete final phase at least 6 months before sugaring
  • Retin-A, Renova, Tazarac, Differin: discontinue use at least 3 months before sugaring
  • others include: Lupus, current sunburn in sugaring zone, and/or severe skin rash or hives anywhere on the body

Looking for more info? Check out these Sugaring FAQs … see  you soon!


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