That Hair, tho

Hi, from my #SaferatHome land! Sending good vibes out to you at yours. I miss y’all!!!!

While we are physically distanced, I love that we’ve stayed connected. Thank you for the emails and product purchases. You are literally #TheBestClients.

One of the main subjects in the emails headed my way is: Help! What do I with the all this unwanted hair that is usually sugared away?

First, it’s a good time to remind everyone of the be well {groomed!}’s motto: It’s just hair. Almost all of us have some we aren’t happy about AND we can do something about it.

However, the times have found us so I’ve put together some tried & true tips that you can use now and anytime you are unable to come in for the smooth, glowing skin from a professional body sugaring.

  1. Leave it! Especially in those ‘brow zones … we can shape it up when we’re together soon
    • Can’t wait? Would you like a virtual consult to discuss your ‘brows? Hit me up:
    • If you leave the hair in your underarm & bikini zones:
      • Make sure you rinse the area really well; soap and deodorant etc can be trapped in the hair & irritate the skin
      • Also, work your hydrating oils into the skin so that it gets under the hair and prevents a buildup of dry skin under the hair
  2. Use a tinkle razor to gently remove unwanted hairs on the lip, brow zone, forehead and cheeks.
    • Make sure your skin & the razor are clean
    • Don’t use any pressure; try not to drag the razor across the skin
    • This *is* shaving but tends to be more gentle on the skin
  3. Trim your bikini zone with scissors:
    • Word to the wise: take your time with this; don’t be in a rush
    • You know that fine-toothed comb you never use? This is what it’s for!
    • Use the comb to lift the hair of your skin. And the hair also works as *guard* between your scissors & the skin
    • If your bathroom is well lit, you might try standing in the tub so you can perch your foot, lean back on the wall and get good angles.
  4. Trim underarms, legs & bikini with a body trimmer: need something more? Try a body trimmer.
    • I’ve crowdsourced this with other estheticians. The best trimmers plug in with a cord to recharge.
    • Always use a guard! The #2 is recommended.
    • I’ve done more research and this one fits the bill:
  5. Try not to shave!

The same rules as post-sugaring apply: NO hanky panky, hot tubs, spinning, hot soaks, running or beach swimming for 24 hours. The first 24 hours, soothe & cool any irritation in the skin.

After 24 hours, continue to *condition* your skin with gentle exfoliation and hydration (as above, you’ll have to do a little extra work to exfoliate, cleanse & hydrate the skin in areas with longer hair).

Whether you use the small razor, scissors or a groomer, your hair will likely feel sharp & pointy on the ends.

Apply your hydrating oil to the ends of the hair. If that does not help, try a TINY bit of hair product designed to seal ends.

All this stay-at-home stress got ya ready for some double entendre humor? Enjoy!

More questions? Hit me up! I’m getting fairly decent at this Zoom thing and we can try a virtual consultation if needed.