The eyes Have It!

When you’re out & about, wearing your mask, do you find yourself *sm-eye-ling*? Like, over-using your eyes to communicate “HI!” and “I see you!” Maybe: “I’m not here to rob anyone; just trying to do my part. HI!” ME TOO!!!!

So, for June, let’s focus on these windows to the soul. Support the eyes and especially the tissue around the actual eye. We’ll review products, how they work and what we need them to do.

We’ll also dive into how breathwork, rest and movement help keep our eye area vibrant along with how to apply your eye products as well acupressure points and gua sha moves that increase circulation, move out waste and make space for nourishing fluids.

Keep checking back cuz here’s what’s in store:

I hope you’re excited about treating this very precious area of your skin and body. And, you might still have questions. I can’t wait to hear’em so please email me at

And, while we’re postponing treatments, we can hang out virtually for consultations and even facials (and of course, more tips and tricks … and maybe some wine).