The Outdoors are Great

… for some things!


I don’t know if you’ve heard but while skincare studios are closed, our state is allowing services to be performed outdoors with specific guidelines.

I’ve thought about it. I made Hub listen to my plans for a few hours. I researched it. But have come to the conclusion that at this time, I will not be offering outdoor treatments.

I appreciate what GovGav & team are trying to do.

Between the Board of Barbering & Cosmetology rules, zoning laws, and the guidelines from state gov, this is not feasible.

Maybe an established resort with a private patio created specifically for treatments can pull this off … because they do that year ’round.

But I don’t have access to all that and I don’t want to put my clients and their skin in a janky, dangerous, precarious position. I have put too many years into building expertise & trust to toss it away on a folly.

I get it; it’s California, the sunshine state. But after hours of research, reviewing the state board requirements, the state guidelines and taking Hub through the paces in our yard, it is simply not on.

Please wear your masks, wash your hands, keep your physical distance and be kind to one another. That is the only way to help your favorite businesses survive to reopen.

Now, I’m going back out to my yard to put my Calm app to work … I hope you have a gorgeous day filled with Cali sunshine, good friends, and comfort.


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