harmony thru thankfulness

hey there … do you feel it to? that impending hollydaze franticness where we all get jinglebell rocked out of our noggin.  before the sled leaves the station, let’s take a deeeeeep breath and do something that will help keep harmony in our groove:  get right with our gratitude.

here are some of the things i do to help me stay in the spirit of thankfulness (and avoid the overwhelm of the season).

send out thanks to our first responders, firefighters and the impressive network of folks who take care of our worlds. i literally tell front line folks thank you, both in person and online. i follow LAFD etc and i tweet my gratitude to them. and, if you are able, here are two organizations raising funds to support these crews.

Music for Relief / Fire Relief Fund

World Central Kitchen

get outside! you gotta love this cooler, wetter weather. it will help filter the post-fire air and clear the way for winter hikes. and the sunsets just get better! the Hub & i typically head to Ice House Canyon Trail on Mt. Baldy (knowing we’ll get our post-hike feed at the Mt. Baldy Cafe —> veggie chile nachos, y’all!!).

my workouts are built into my schedule and my fitfam knows to expect me. if i don’t make it, i know i’ll have to answer to my Coach. regular intense workouts counter the negative effects of stress. and Dr. Rhonda Patrick says: “Multiple studies have shown that high-intensity exercise can delay biological aging by up to 9 years” —> sounds good to me!

and lastly, let compassion flow … for yourself and other beings. each year, we *adopt a turkey* at Farm Sanctuary. noooo, we don’t take our buddy home. our funds just ensure that turkey gets to live out his or her life cage free and protected.  and you can also cut yourself some slack if you don’t get everything done perfectly or you eat too many holiday goodies. as a matter of fact, my friend Missy at Dig Your Deepest has started a #FucktheScale campaign. her goal is to help you focus on how great it feels to move your body and not on the number on the scale, during the hollydaze and after (follow her for more info).

what are some of your best hollydaze coping tips? swing by the studio and let’s chat. i’m here through the winter holidays and would love to see ya ?❄️????.  before things get too busy, grab your appointment online by clicking {here}. (nothing like a facial to calm frayed nerves and leave your skin smooth & kissably soft … who’s got the mistletoe?!?)

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