ready for the big comeback!

good sunshiney morning: summer is back in LA and just like the seasons, all your favorite restos and service providers will be back, too!

however, i’m still postponing appointments until the current eta of re-opening on May 16. and, of course, that could change. i’m sure you’re like me and TUNED into GovGav’s & Mayor G’s updates.

right now, tho: i can’t wait to see y’all!

and i know i’m gonna have my professional sugaring skills tested. that’s fiiiiiine; chewbacca’s welcomed here!

heads up: when we first re-open, things are gonna be a little different. as always, i’ll maintain my strict standards of cleaning, disinfection and sanitization.

plus, i’ve taken this #saferathome time to brush up on and improve my safe-setting knowledge with several new certifications (cleaning, sanitizing, skin analysis, stacking peels, virtual facials … whew! i went back to school, y’all).

we’ll have some new guidelines including but not limited to face masks, limited people in waiting rooms and others that are still being discussed.

i’ll also have new consent forms to sign (still in draft mode); i’ll email it to you prior to your appointment so that you can review it at your leisure.

as we get started, i’ve increased the time between appointments and will limit my schedule to 3 to 4 days per week. the goal here is to keep me fresh & focused on your wellbeing and absolute sanitization while also allowing me to rest and keep my immune system robust. (the online booking option will always show all available times/days. of course, email anytime for your appointment). ohhhhh, and i am researching new booking systems to mitigate some of the many frustrations with the current one. more soon! (yep, i will email you and update ALL the links on the web site, pinky promise!).

here’s the big one: i will not be doing facials the first two weeks we are back open. once we get thru May and everyone is feeling awesome, i’ll reevaluate. PLUS, i will extend all facial gift certificate expiration dates by at least SIX months. this is a tough decision —> i LOVE treating your skin. hang in there; we’ll facialize soon! (i keep telling myself)

as i know more, i’ll update you here and via email. but i love hearing from you so please, email anytime.

and, stay tuned for virtual facials (i’ll walk you through an at-home facial), new videos featuring Celluma (want one for use at home?) and other vids on common topics like blackheads, facial massage, product stacking/layering and more.

PS: i know you’re antsy (because i am too!) but let’s hang tough for these last weeks. be gentle with yourself. DO NOT PICK YOUR SKIN! and, maybe, leave those ‘brows alone 🙂

PPS: did you see this hairlarious video from the last email and on the blog? (good maintenance & trimming tips, too)

why the heck aren’t you on the list for new services, specials and jokes?

And so, to recap: