so this is christmas

like most everyone (i think), i both love & dread the winter hollydaze season. i love the hygge. i miss my family.  i love the cooler weather. the crowds everywhere make me crazy. i can’t wait for gettogethers with friends. i hate disappointing people when i can’t make it to their event. i love buying gifts for everyone. i am on the *tightest* of budgets, like the original teeny size of the Grinch’s heart.

and on and on it goes. some years are tougher than others.  this is our first holiday without our kitty Jackpot. he and his two furry brothers {Mr. Cuddles & Punkin} said good-bye to us this past fall. 3 months; 3 loves lost.


this is my fourth winter season without my younger bro Trent to send ridiculous gifts to … the jelly monster finger puppets were one of my faves.


and i know i’m not alone. everyone, everywhere knows sadness, if not trauma and loss.

but, like everyone, i have so very much for which to be thankful. i have beautiful clients who include me in their life and help my little biz thrive. my friends and family are the best people in the world and i love them dearly … yes, even you! my house, though costly to rent in LA, is snug and warm. my husband, my better half, is a creative genius who makes me laugh, even when i’m a hangry ol’ grumpy bear.

winter has begun. the hollydaze are here. we’ll do our best … the only way out is through. so, we’ll make some new memories. welcome brave, little beings into our world. share some chuckles, tears and hugs. send out best wishes and receive warm tidings.  we might need a time out, a long walk, a good read and a tasty sip of wine. at times we’ll feel lonely, but we’re not alone. we’ll get through it … together.


sending out love & light along with stockings full of gratitude

for this weird, wonderful space & time ?❤️?❄️