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Congrats to the team at TiZo SPF for being recognized for their superb physical blocking SPF TiZo3. Truly the best sunscreen I’ve tried. Easy to apply, calming, soothing and evens out your skin tone while giving you water-resistant and reef-safe sun protection. Let me know to have yours ready on your next visit!

The TiZo line is water resistant and perfect for sportin’ around and also offers stellar protection for skin from wind damage while sailing and downhill skiing. Plus, these physical blockers are mineral based so they are reef safe, keeping the ? ? & ? happy ??

Check out this cool vid that demonstrates how physical SPFs reflects the UV rays while chemical SPFs absorb the rays into the body.

WOW! What a visual. ? The chemical sunscreens show complete absorption of #UVrays YET the mineral sunscreens show reflection of those rays … which is absolutely the preferred way to protect your gorgeous skin.

For best results, wear your TiZo SPF between 10am and 3pm in the summer. And, reapply when ya sweat and swim.

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