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    • my #1 fave ingredient right now: hemp seed oil

 Your Nighttime Ritual for Better Sleep  ? ? ?

there is loads of yada-yada about getting more sleep for optimum recovery and mental health. i am here for this!! i love to sleep. while i’ve heard lots of talk about preparing your space for sleep, i find it most useful to get your mind right for blissful slumber. as your esthetician, i have studied how best to activate your parasympathetic nervous system (PSN) aka your rest & digest response. and guess what: research has shown that nightly facial massage is a reliable pathway to arouse the PSN, relaxing the body and mind while queuing the body for deep rest.

washing your face mindfully followed by gentle, methodical movements to apply your serum and moisturizers create the perfect time and space to breathe deeply and let the body know it’s time to slumber. it’s a combination of the massage + repeating the same steps each night that alerts your body’s systems to slow down & prepare for an excellent night of rest & recovery.

try this: each night for the remainder of Feb, set aside 15+ minutes for your evening ritual. turn off your screens (leave some wind-down tunes on if that suits you). apply your cleanser (with hands or a wash cloth) slow & purposefully. rinse fully with warm water and gently make time to pat your skin dry. focus on your breath; begin to sloooow it dowwwwwn. starting at your neck, use upward, sweeping motion to apply your serum … then follow with your moisture (eye and face). continue to breathe deeply, into your side ribs and down into your lower diaphragm. make lazy circles around your eyes and gentle, fluttery upstrokes on the center of your forehead. (whoa, i am sleepy just typing this). lemme know how it goes!

Just 1 DermalInfusion can transform the skin, but a series will deliver dramatic results! Ready to tackle issues from sun damage like pigmenetation & fine lines? Tired of dry, dehydrated, dull skin? Or, are you simply an expert planner who prefers to schedule their fab facial maintenance? Either way, I bet you are ready for results:

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  • improves the tone & texture of skin by minimizing enlarged pores & clearing congested skin
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Tell me: how do you like to consume skin care info?

Are you into pods? do you prefer to read on the treadmill? do you stockpile questions for your monthly sugar sesh? i wanna know how best to get you skin care tips & tricks, so vote!

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? Fave New Ingredient: Hemp Seed Oil ?

hemp seed oil is nutritious and loaded with antioxidants, essential fatty acids (EFAs) and the hard-to-get gamma linoleic acids (GLAs). it’s also considered a *dry* oil because it readily absorbs into the skin and leaves very little trace. it is great for the skin and delish on cold dishes and in dressings.

now, hemp seed oil is not CBD or THC. hemp seed oil will not get ya high. and since it’s not trendy like CBD, you can purchase this nourishing ingredient to use alone or mix with other oils, without spending all your hard-earned dough. i love it for both face & body serums, usually with arnica and maybe rosehip, jojoba … maybe a little carrot seed extract (so many options). to learn more about this oil and to order your own custom-blended serum, get in touch!

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