Esthetician’s New Fave: Trifecting Night Cream

you know how prescription retinol makes your skin look red & shiny and gives you terrible face dandruff? annoying, right?

i’ve found the opposite of annoyance; i might even say LOVE: EnvyMedical’s Trifecting Night Cream. “What?!?” you say; “Tell me more!” you say? But of course: it’s an advanced retinol serum with encapsulation technology AND calming, soothing botanicals … plus, it works beautifully!

what it does:

  • improves appearance of hyperpigmentation, texture, fine lines & wrinkles
  • includes a skin brightening ingredient to even your skin’s overall tone
  • plus patented anti-aging bionutrient calming complex to mitigate irritation

featured ingredients:

  • encapsulated retinol: this delivery system keeps the retinol potent, stable and efficacious until it penetrates the skin to begin the damage repair
  • Lumixyl Peptide: Decapeptide-12 created by Stanford, reduces the appearance & intensity of dark spots by targeting them safely & directly –> without damaging surrounding skin cells
  • PCX Technology: combo of Bakuchiol & Bisabalol (active chamomile extract) provides powerful antioxidant protection, neutralizes free radicals & functions like a retinol to boost skin rejuvenation while calming & soothing
  • and it’s FREE of parabens & fragrance

I have two retinol concentrations so you can experience improving results over time. Trifecting Night Cream .2 and 1% are meant for use AT NIGHT ONLY (thus the name ?) and pair perfectly with TiZo3 daily physical-blocking SPF.

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