Wondering what skin type you have? If you should buy that new product?

Ask an esthetician! From the comfort of your home, this intimate, virtual skincare consultation gives you about 30-50 minutest with skincare pro, product aficionado & studio owner, Kenya. Her 15+ years in skincare has earned her the title of expert in creating & revising skincare regimens, advanced facial protocols & LED light therapy.

Prior to the call, you’ve got a simple form & you’ll upload some photos (of your skin and/or current products).

In session, you will chat about the current state of your skin along with your goals. And, depending on your area of focus, you might also learn proper cleansing process, basic facial massage & more.

This virtual skincare consultation is for you if you’re ready for professional recommendations for products & services, specific to your skin type & skincare concerns. And, you’re ready to commit to a little work.

Cost is $125 and $75 goes toward future product purchases (and services, once be well {groomed!} reopens).