if summer vacay is over … why is it still sooooo h🔥t?!?

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Ever feel like you need a vacation after your vacation? Well, your skin probably does! Beaches, flights, late nights are what you need to break out of the work-a-day rut. And now that your mind has had a vacay, it’s time for your skin to have a treat. All the things that make vacation fun can often lead to surface dryness, a bit of sun damage, clogged follicles and under-nourished skin.

Why is my typically oily skin so surface dry? Sun, sand, ocean, air travel, new climates and other situations can dehydrate your surface skin. When that happens, the skin can look dry, feel itchy, appear sallow and start to clog as the body sends more natural oils to soothe the surface skin. Time to facialize! Professional treatments exfoliate damaged surface skin, evacuate clogged follicles, nourish depleted skin and hydrate hydrate hydrate!

Below is a super special for the Dermalinfusion treatment; check it out! But if you’re unsure which treatment to book, feel free to hit me up during your sugar sesh or via email.

Grab this package: 2 WhammyBammy Dermalinfusion treatments + 3 LED Light Therapy treatments to exfoliate, extract & infuse your skin while upregulating the cell process to give you native, new collagen & elastin. The result? normalized pore size; smoother skin with better resiliency & tone plus firmer texture; plus protection against future oxidative stress and UV exposure.

It’s the first entry into the be well {groomed!} Book Club. as a reminder, there is no timeframe to read these books. you get to pick & choose to read them or not —> hop over via this link!

Got your own list of *must* reads? Email me (or post in the comments below) your fave summer books & you will be entered to win an LED treatment. Or, if you’re not in LA, I’ll swap that out for a Lumixyl Brightening Cream (a delish product that everyone can dig).

Time to say goodbye for now but in summary: get a facial! Your skin will love it; you’ll upregulate your parasympathetic nervous system; and you’ll glow! Grab that current special to gear up for the jingle bell season. And send me your hot reads. Also, stay cool! If your abode doesn’t have airco, stop by & hang out. We’ve got WiFi!

Ohhhh, and I’ll be out of the studio September 11, 12 & 13 as well as November 8 & 9 (all in 2019). That’s it for now.

Got a pal that’s always bugging you about their skin care concerns? Send’em my way, please!

book online / kenya@kenyabonvivant.com / ☎️ (310) 866-0928

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