Ya Wanna Come In? Help me :)

My Friends & Fam: I HEAR YOU
Let’s get on with getting you in for skincare & professional hair removal … I miss your faces!

Today, I was able to speak to the California State Board of Barbering & Cosmetology. They are a consumer advocacy board meaning: they do not advocate for me. They work for you!

And, listen, I did my best to let them know they have let you down. I told them your stories of burned skin. Stress breakouts. Picking because we aren’t able to meet.

Wanna come see me?
We are going to have to make some noise. Click on the banner below to be give your message to GovGav.

Thank you for making time to do this and LMK how it goes!!!

PS: I’ve kept y’all up on how much training, refreshing, certification on cleaning, disinfection and sanitary practices I’ve been through to ensure my skincare studio is a safe sanctuary for you. Feel free to peruse my web site or contact me with questions.